Well, dear friends, we are right now into the midst of the fourth camp session of our 67th Del-Haven camping season. It is our second 6 to 8 year old camp. Already this year we have been blessed to witness evidence and testimony of our Lord’s provision, presence and work in this ongoing ministry.

Right after the second bible class during the older boys camp (9 to 12 yr. olds) – two of the boys – Jason and Ethan – came to me separately and asked if they could have bibles to read of their very own. I was more than happy to comply with their requests. Things like that are so encouraging! Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousnessfor they shall be filled”. The campfire times have been rich with positive indications of the Holy Spirit’s leading. In our first 6 to 8 year old camp of this year, one little girl, Laleah, spoke up and said, “When I was a little kid …” She revealed how she feared her step-father – especially at night – and since she came to camp (she started coming when she was 6 yrs. old) she just talks to Jesus when she is scared – and that really helps. I asked her how old she was and she said that she was 7. Also, one of our staff help that is a part of our LTS program — testified that she had been coming to Del-Haven since she was 6 (she is 16 now). Both her parents were in prison. She had been bullied throughout her school years – both at school and through the internet. The oppression and stress of it all was horrible – to say the least. Learning about the Lord Jesus (and growing in Him) has kept her from being swallowed up by all that’s happened in her past. She has born witness of her personal  assurance that she, indeed, belongs to the Lord…her name is, Madison. Praise the Savior! Please pray for Laleah and Madison.

This is why we keep urging you all to keep praying for both the campers and the staff (as well as us). This is the true spiritual warfare that we are all in! If we’re true believers, we are all in the Lord’s army! Pr.3:5-6 is our “marching mantra” as we pass through this wicked world: Trust in the Lord with all your heartLean not on your own understandingIn all your ways acknowledge HimAnd He will direct your path!”  

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s ministry here at Camp Del-Haven.


Thank you and we love you.


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