Well, dear ones, by this time in July, Camp Del-Haven would have already had three full camp sessions. We would have had a younger children’s camp (age 6-8); an older girls camp (age 9-12); and an older boys camp (age 9-12). However, by virtue of God’s sovereign, all-governing will and direction – where not only our regular camp schedule is concerned, but where the state of our whole world is concerned – for the first time in our history – our general agenda of ministry has had to be abandoned.We definitely need to include in our prayers right now — for sovereign God to rule over our country and its leaders at all levels to lead us to a peaceful resolve regarding all the restrictions that are presently upon us. Nothing is too hard, or too wonderful for our Almighty and merciful God!

Of course, we also need to band together and be in prayer for all the boys and girls that make up our campers – for all the young men and women that make up our staff – and (perhaps even more especially) for all the moms and dads; all the grandmas and grandpas; and all the care providers of the children to not succumb to all the fleshly fear that is so prevalent at this hour so as to not respond to our invitation to the families to come to Camp Del-Haven for just a day. A day of fun, relaxation and rest – with a focus upon the word of the truth of the gospel. [see Col.1:5]

Dear ones, thank you so much for continuing to stand with us in all of your prayerful support! Whatever the coming days unfold to us – we know without a doubt that the wonderful message of Ro.8:28 remains eternally true: And we knowthat all things work together for goodto them that love Godto them that are the calledaccording to His purpose!” Praise His Holy Name!!

Here is an email we received when we went to confirm addresses for our summer newsletters.  What a joy it was to hear from a former camper (Lacey) whose son and nieces are current campers.

Hey Sheri, yes our address is the same. Leland, Destany, and Aliyah were all sad they can’t go to Del-Haven this year. They really look forward to going each year as did I when I was a camper. They are actually planning their own backyard camp to do with arts and crafts, nature walks, swim time, singing the camp songs, and Bible study. We’re going to set up a tent in the yard. Destany and Aliyah are making a schedule they are going to follow. They told me they have to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the first day and pizza on Wednesday and even end with a campfire. Hope you guys are doing well.  Lacey 


It's more than just campfires and marshmallows...

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