Well, Praise the Lord – dear ones – He has led us through a wonderful kick-off in our returning full season of camps here at Del-Haven! Please be in earnest prayer for the rest of the Summer. Christ Jesus is also our only hope of Victory! In fact, He is our Victory!

Our first camp of precious 6 to 8 year olds gave us many reasons for us to rejoice! The little gems were just wonderful. In fact, our young staff – proved to show some real promise that they are growing more mature in the Lord. This observance is being made by virtue of watching them as they guide the campers throughout the agenda of the Camp Del-Haven Program. We are not only encouraged in this – but we also can truly sense the many prayers that you all are led to be making for us! Thank you –  please keep it up!

Dear friends, we are experiencing the bitter/sweet reality of the Lord’s calling home one of our most loved. Jerry Hall (Jeff’s Dad) spent over two decades on the board of directors of Camp Del-Haven. He was a real asset to the entire operation! He could do everything! I remember having to call him – again – seeking his expert direction in some complex matter – and hearing him tell me, “John – I hope I live long enough for you to learn how to do all these things!” And, the sad reality is – that he didn’t. He passed into glory on Sunday, June 12, at the age of 81. We ask that you remember the Halls’ in praying for the Lord’s comforting presence at this time. We thank and praise the Lord our God for Jerry’s “holy calling” to be a vital part of Del-Haven!



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