Well, dear ones, we are beginning once again on another new camp season here at Del-Haven. Please keep urgently praying with us that we have no problem(s) in going forward with having regular camp sessions. Sheri consistently has inquiries from some children in regard to exactly this! We have been working hard at getting the campground cleaned up and ready regular camps as well. Please pray that our Lord and Savior will open the door and lead the way for His choice as to what children He will send – and as to whom will be willing to help out on our Staff (both male and female).

We will once again be having regular Saturday Work Days –  beginning in April – and running all the way to Saturday the 4th of June. That being the case, of course, we will be happy to accommodate anyone, or any group, that can come out at any time to help us get the buildings and grounds fit and ready for camp. Just give us an advance call…our number is at the top of the previous page.

Also, we have lost our regular connection to a Van rental company. So, if any of you know of any Church or person that can help us with transportation of children – to and from camp sessions – please let us know. Our camps begin on Monday morning and end on Thursday afternoon. We have the Monday morning pickup at 10 AM and the Thursday drop off at 2 PM. We typically have camps beginning the 3rd week of June (Mon. through Thurs.) every week except the week of the 4th of July. This means we could fit 6 camps in by the end of July. If any person or church could help us with transporting children on any of those Mondays or Thursdays – that would be wonderful! Please pray with us for the meeting of this need. Thank you.

To put it mildly – We are excited at the prospects of being able to have regular camp sessions once again! If things work out to this end – you just might hear a very hardy Praise to the Lord(!) coming from the area of Lone Jack, MO!


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