As we once again must March toward the front of the battlefield for the Lord – it is only appropriate that we spend much time before Him in prayer – seeking and pursuing His leading and His  provision and His protection from the Enemy and all of his evil plans and devices. We must endeavor – by His grace — to be strong in the Lord and the power of His Might [Eph.6:10]. We do earnestly covet your prayers with us and for us in this our resolve.

Please continue to pray for all the children that our Elohim has willed and ordained to be at camp this year. Pray that He prepares their hearts to receive and believe the gospel of the glory only of the Lord Jesus Christ. And, pray for our staff members that will be on the front line with the children – that they be given by the Spirit of our God the words from His Word that will in turn quicken the hearts and souls of the children. Pray for these right now to be shielded from all the machinations of the devil and all of his seed that do tirelessly work to prevent them from hearing and seeing the truth. Call on He who is the Head of all principality and power – to hold them back from effectually working their evil plans to disrupt and destroy.

And, in your praying for us – please do not forget to pray that our Lord blesses our April &  May tradition of having work days – especially on the weekends. This means that there will be nine Saturdays beginning with April 1 and then extending throughout the month of May. Perhaps you or your church group could plan on helping us out on one or more of those days – to prepare the campgrounds. We would greatly appreciate any and all that come out to help. Just give Sheri or myself a call or text and let us know your plans: 816-425-0460  or 816-277-7071.

Summer 2023 Schedule

Staff Training: June 5-7

Session 1: 6 to 9 Boys and Girls: June 12-15

Session 2: 9 to 12 Girls: June 19-22

Session 3: 9 to 12 Boys: June 26-29

Session 4: 9 to 12 Girls: July 10-13

Session 5: 6 to 9 Boys and Girls: July 17-20

Session 6: 9 to 12 Boys: July 31-Aug. 3


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