Well, dear ones, the mild and comfortable weather we’ve been having has all our trees and bushes confused. They don’t know if it’s Winter or Spring(!)…but I like it. The birds are all singing and everything. Of course, it is March in MO and anything can happen. I must say, I have seen it snow pretty good in May. So, we shall see what the sovereignty of our Lord unfolds.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Plans are being laid for the much needed renovation of our Restroom and Shower Facilities. We really do need to get this done before camp begins. Lord willing this will happen. Please be in prayer in regards to this project. Also, pray for us as well where our kitchen is concerned. This is a task that we plan to seriously tackle after our camp season ends this Fall. As the Lord leads and supplies in answer to our constant prayers – we will continue to persevere.

As always, dear friends, remember to pray for the children that our Lord sends to us this year. We want to have their way here and their way back to where they came from paved with prayer for the Lord to make His Word a lamp unto their feet. And, pray also for whomever the Lord sends to be on our staff this year. This is always a real need in this ministry. Please be in earnest prayer for the ones who will be ministering on the front lines in this spiritual battle!

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