Well, dear ones, the restrictions due to the virus seem to be lessening a little bit – which is good. However, we are still not sure when we can have camp this year! Please be in prayer with us over this issue. And, when you pray for all the boys and girls that are currently a part of the family of Del-Haven Camp Ministries – including both our campers and staff helpers – please pray for their rescue from the restrictions of individual freedoms that we all normally would have apart from this virus. It has created a disturbing — and even a destructive divisiveness – in all of our normal activities! Let us prayerfully seek our Lord’s specific deliverance – as only He can per-form — from these oppressive circumstances that we all are presently being subjected to!

Our freedom to gather together and worship our Lord God in Spirit and in Truth is definitely under attack! The fervent prayer of the righteous is by far the most effective offense that we can wage against the enemy! In this way, the best defense — is a good offense. Pr.18:10 immediately comes to mind: The Name of the Lord is a strong towerthe righteous runneth into it and is safe!” In addition, is Ps.56:9, which says: When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back! This I know; for God is with me.” Praise His Precious and Protective Name!

Dear ones, on April 29th there occurred a Bitter/Sweet event. A most wonderful preacher and pastor, brother Don Fortner, of Grace Baptist Church of Danville, KY – by God’s great grace and perfect timing – was completely delivered from this wicked world – and was divinely ushered and received — into the heavenly glory of his blessed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Don’s passing away is Bitter – only because we will greatly miss him and his ministry unto us! We need to remember to pray for his precious wife, Shelby, that the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfortwill be extra close unto her – embracing her in His everlasting and loving arms.

But, his passing is also Sweet — because our dear brother has been completely rescued from this sin troubled and turbulent world. Praise the Name of the Savior! Don was one of the greatest warriors among us for his faithfulness to proclaim the pure Truth of the gospel of God’s sove-reign grace that this world has ever had! He leaves us a valuable legacy of recorded messages and many published works that are filled with the riches of a right and an accurate understanding of the Word of God. Thanks be unto God for what He has given unto us through His faithful servant, Don Fortner! I, therefore, conclude this Del-Haven Prayer/Newsletter with this blessed reminder to all you. It is a reminder that I can just hear my dear brother, Don, echoing to us all –  right directly from the Word of God:


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