Dear ones, once again, we want to express, from our hearts, a hardy “Praise the Lord” – for your faithful prayerful support of Del-Haven throughout this whole circumstantial hardship that has disrupted our normal camp operation. Our Lord God is truly in sovereign control of all things! His leading and His great love is seen in all of you sticking with us – and believe me when I say that we love you for it! We thank our Lord for you all – and we pray that He will continue to enrich each of your lives with His presence – His blessings – and His power.

Please continue to lift up in prayer the young men and women who haveby God’s gracebeen our regular (much needed) staff members. Pray that we don’t lose them due to our having been shut down from being able to hold our regular camp sessions this year. Or, if we have lost some – please pray that the Lord will fill their vacancies! We always want exactly what He wants in this regard. This is so important! And then, of course, please lift up all our campers in your prayers. These boys and girls need us to earnestly pray for them – that God our Savior will watch over them and keep them safe from the Evil One! We need to continue to pray this for each other as well. Our God has both ordered and ordained for us to always love and pray for one another.

Dear Camp Del-Haven, Even though I haven’t been to an actual camp week, I went to the family day.  My favorite part of the family day at camp was swimming and crafts.  I am so excited to have a normal camp week next year, since it will be my first camp week ever.  My sister and my aunts have been telling me about how much fun camp is.  So, I can’t wait to go to chapel and fishing. – Ashlyn 

Dear Camp Del-Haven, I miss you so much.  My grandma said sometime come up for supper.  We will all like that.  I can swim because we took swimming lessons.  I don’t know if the twins will send a letter.  Hopefully we will see each other. We all miss you so so so so much! Tell the counselors Hi.— Miley, Becky, and Bella



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