Well, dear ones, we are truly in the midst of the magnificent beauty of all the Autumn colors for sure! What a wonderful time of year it is indeed! It’s like being in God’s own cathedral of illustrious beauty – that only He can create.

Let’s not forget, dear ones, to be in earnest prayer for all of the children that were led of the Lord through our camp program this year. The situation in our society today is very volatile to say the least. Our children are being subjected to evil circumstances all around them. Circumstances whether at school – or on the playground – or even at home. Please pray that the protective presence of the Lord be with them at all times – and in all places.

And, please be in prayer for our staff members as well. They are targets for the Evil One for sure. For they have been on the front line with all the boys and girls day and night throughout the camp sessions. This enrages the enemy to no end! We are not ignorant of his devices(2Co.2:11). Let us pray Job 5:12 which says:He disappointeth the devices of the craftyso that their hands cannot perform their enterprize.” God-willing this will take place throughout our land entirely – all for God’s glory and honor!

We want to thank you all for being faithful to pray for us – and to continue to support us in this uncertain time. Your prayerful support is so much appreciated…we thank our Lord God for all of you! May God richly bless all of you.


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