Well, dear ones, we are now experiencing some real nice weather. And, that means we here at Del-Haven can – more comfortably –  get things done around the whole campground. As we embark on the season of Fall – we anticipate the wonders and colors that will come with it. Already our trees are showing signs of becoming brilliant by the way they will reflect only what God can do with the splendor of the Autumn leaves!

My dear praying friends, our thoughts and prayers do continually go out to the children that have gone through our camp schedule that is literally filled up with the proclamation of the Word of  the Truth of the Gospel. For two years now – we have not been able to have a regular camp session. Please do not forget to pray concerning this matter. Pray for the children – and pray for our Country – and for that matter, our whole world! Pray that our sovereign God would be pleased to lift off of us this plague – as well as all of the lies that have been spun as the result of it.

Also, once again, please do not forget to pray for all of our helpers that have been so loyal to us in the way that they were looking forward to coming back every summer to serve the Lord in helping in our ministry. This has been beneficial in their Christian Walk as well as the boys and girls under their charge. Our hearts continually go out to these dear ones.

We want you to know how much we are so thankful to our Lord for all of you who have shown your continual support – both in prayers and gifts – throughout the stifling effects of the last two years due to the plague. Oh Lord! Please set us free from this untoward time! Do this for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.


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