Dear friends, things have been so busy in all of our preparation for this summer’s camp program that we are having to make this prayer letter to cover two months instead of just one. Even so, our 65th Del-Haven Camp season has officially kicked off! Our Lord has heard our prayers and answered them in a wonderful way! Last week’s 6 to 8 year old camp went just wonderful. It is so precious to see the enthusiasm in the way that these little children respond when they are quoting their scriptural memory verses and singing the camp gospel songs. Their eyes just light up with the joy of the Lord. They are a living testimony of God’s Word from Zeph.3:17 The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; He will saveHe will rejoice over thee with joy!”

 We have an older girls camp (ages 9 to 12) in operation this week. Please remember to pray for us and them – that our Lord will protect, prepare, provide and produce as only He can — through our ministering unto them. Prayer accomplishes the will of our God! Praise His Name!

 Dear ones, we do have a pressing need that has come upon us just this month. Our brush-hog mower – that we use so much in keeping ahead of the real rough mowing that we need to do – has broken completely down. Like everything in this world – it has come to its end. So – like how we got this one that has served us for so many years – please pray that we be granted another brush-hog. If any of you know of anyone who has no more use for one — that still has some life in it – please call us – 816-690-8465 or 277-7071. Lord willing we will be able to replace this much needed piece of equipment.

 As always – please be in prayer that our Lord will continue to supply the financial wherewithal for us to meet our monthly expenses. Prayer has been earnestly engaged from the beginning of this ministry – and it is what is directly connected to its ongoing life support. Your support of us – is the Lord’s support of us. Even if you cannot give anything – it is your prayers that provide for us! We thank you for that show of love to us that comes through them. We live day to day – week to week – month to month – as our Lord and Savior provides. He is ever faithful through us unto each other. We love and pray for you as well.

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