Dear friends and family in Christ, already it is upon us – the beginning of the autumn and winter end of 2016. This year has been another real testimony that our Lord truly does hear and answer our prayers. There is an abundance of evidence that our camping season has been fruitful in the lives of both our campers and our staff. This proves the real value of continual prayerful support. For this we thank God for you – and we also do not forget to pray for you all. We love you.

Please remember the boys and girls that the Lord sent here to hear His Word of truth; and please pray for us who are always engaged in the ongoing struggles that ever accompany the soldiers of the Lord. Pray that He draw us to Himself; for He is our strength, our refuge, and our peace.

A special need and prayer request of ours was ultimately met by a group of men from the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove, MO. We had an old trailer that needed to be demolished. They stepped up to the task and did the job! Thank you, Lord! Richly bless those men for their labor of love for you! By the way, this same church has (through their VBS) donated to Del-Haven $3800 toward a much needed renovation of our Shower House and their WMU has applied for and received a grant toward renovating the kitchen, $1292.36. After 50 years, it needs it! The whole job will take about $6700. Please pray with us that this need can and will be met…for Christ’s glory.

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