Well, dear friends, we have come down to the end of another year. 2016 has been endured and survived by the grace and goodness of our sovereign God. It is by His enabling power that we trust in Him, and Him alone. The grace of genuine faith manifests itself in all our prayerful petitions for all His strength, supplies and sustenance that continually gets us through each day. That being the truth, we wish to thank and praise Him for all of you that have faithfully and prayerfully journeyed with us for however long you that you have. We love you, and we do not neglect to lift you up in our prayerful pleas for our God to abundantly bless you.
You all have a wonderful and a very Merry Christmas!

As we undergo the transition into 2017 – Please remember all the campers and staff that have played a vital role in 2016. Those that have just been introduced to Camp Del-Haven as well as all those that become out steady regulars year after year. Pray with us that the Lord will bless them and keep them and cause His face to shine upon them – and give them peace. And, especially where our staff help is concerned, pray that if it is the Lord’s will, that He will bring them back to help us in 2017.

Praise the Lord, He has provided the full amount for us to be able to be able to replace the motor for our gate. We thank and praise Him for hearing and answering our prayers.

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