Transportation Needs
This month marks the beginning of our 2011 camp season. The first camp we have scheduled is for week of June 20th. A major challenge we are facing is how are we going to be able to pick up and deliver the children to the respective drop off place. Our vans have all broken down. Here we are at the beginning of camp season and we need help! We pick up the children on Monday at 10:30 AM — and drop them off Thursday at around 2:00 PM. We have six camp sessions scheduled — so that means we need help with 12 trips. Please — if you have any solutions to this problem — please let us know! Pray with us for God to “fully supply” this need.

2011 Staff Training
Our staff is gathering together next week to prepare for the coming season of giving forth the wonderful message of the gospel. Please be praying for them as they lay the groundwork for ministry to the children. And, as always, be in prayer with us for the kids. They will be coming to us from a wide variety of beliefs and backgrounds. The spiritual battle we enter into is very real — but so is our Savior! He always wins! Prayer is the provision that always accomplishes His will and good pleasure.

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