We do have a budding need — it seems — where one of the freezers that we had given to us last year is concerned. It seems to operate — sporadically! So — once again — please be in prayer with us for another — more reliable one — if you will. If you know of anyone — or, any group — that might have one that they might donate to a ministry of the Lord — please let us know: (816) 690-8565 or, (816) 774-4128.

As ever and always — please do not forget to be in continual prayer for our ever changing summer staff. We know that we will be having to replace some of our regulars this year. Pray that our Lord sends those whom He has willed and purposed to help us. He fosters even our prayers — to the accomplishment of His will.

Also, I think we all know how that our schools have emerged as some of the most dangerous places in our land! In light of the most tragic events that have occurred — if anything — we should be greatly urged to be continually lifting up before our sovereign almighty Lord God — all our children. We should be in unceasing prayer: That God will protect and preserve them from harm — and continue to draw them to Himself — to make of them men and women of God — in the midst of our crooked and perverse nation and generation. This is what we are about — here at Del-Haven.

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