As our 59th summer of camp ministry winds down — please be in continual prayer for both staff and camper. We are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices and know that he will be plotting wicked things to happen in order to try and thwart the word and work of the Holy Spirit. He always does — but he shall not prevail because of God’s word of truth: “If God be for us — who can be against us?!”

Your continual prayers and gifts will serve sustain us in the meeting of our worldly expenses and defending us through all of his attacks — and then some! Thank you all for being faithful in supporting us — we truly do love you!

Well, we have had to suffer the dog days of an especially hot summer here at Camp Del-Haven. Our brave and bold staff have weathered through these last few camps with amazing vigor and endurance — and with no complaints! God’s grace has indeed prevailed every hour of every day. And, the boys and girls have also behaved remarkably well in spite of the untoward heat. We have simply added more swim time to the schedule.

We have seen the Spirit of the Lord mightily at work in bringing the gospel of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ into the hearts and lives of these chosen campers. Which is what it is all about — Praise His Name!

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