Prayer Requests

Please do not forget to be in earnest prayer for this summer’s total operation. Pray for the children — both the repeat campers that will be coming back, as well as the brand new ones. Also, be in prayer for the staff members that the Lord will send our way to participate in the direct interaction with the campers. They need our prayers for them to be spiritually prepared for what they will encounter. And, be in prayer for the overall peaceful smoothness of the whole Summer. Nothing makes ministry to operate efficiently — like prayer does! Our God hears and answers our prayers!

Also, please be in prayer with us concerning being able to meet the financial needs we have as we approach extra expenses during the camping season. After 63 years of ministry, the property and facilities are in constant need of attention. Chainsaws, weed eaters, lawn mowers, paint, rakes, screen/wood, etc. are always in need. Your financial donations continue to be a gift from the Lord which allows us to continue to offer free camping to all of our campers each summer and to be able to provide craft materials, chemicals to keep the pool clean, transportation to get the children here, printing/mailing camp applications and brochures, water and electricity, fishing gear, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, Bibles, teaching materials, healthy food, extra insurance coverage, medical supplies, and much more.

It's more than just campfires and marshmallows...

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