Prayer Requests
Well, dear ones, June 2015 is here — and in spite of the camp ground being a soggy mess — we are once again ready to officially begin another camp season. Yes — we truly desire your earnest and devout prayers that our God and Savior will once again bless the heralding forth of the pure truth of His holy Word unto the children that He sends out to Camp Del-Haven. It is our prayer — that you all will be in prayer — for our staff and campers as we involve ourselves in this evangelistic endeavor.

We want to remind you that June through August is, indeed, our most expensive months of the year. May the Lord be pleased to use this reminder – however He wills and pleases – where you all are concerned. May all of your prayers for us – and gifts to us – be by His leading you to do so.

We have had — and still have — some unexpected expenses facing us where our tractor is concerned, which we rely on to mow the most rugged parts of the camp — as well as, we use to grade the ruts out of our dirt roads (which really need it after all this rain). Please pray for our Lord’s provision of this need.
He will provide!
Please pray specifically for these staff members who have already committed to help with the children this summer.
Adam Blevins
Brandon Bowlin
Cheyanne Feldman-Brown**
Cassie Carter
Mykala Cobbins*
Cheynne Deiter*
Sheri DeSchepper
Brittany Fuller
Jeff Hall
Haley Hassler*
Kendle Laycock
Dakota Lewis*
Summer Marshall**
Chelsea McDaniel
Rick Monson
Amber Mosely*
Isaac Richardson
Hannah Rollet**
Savannah Rollet**
*Former campers who are currently in the Learning To Serve (LTS) staff training program
** Former campers who are now on staff
Each year it is a blessing to hear from the parents/guardians who are delighted for their children to have another opportunity to come to camp.
The first camp applications of the year were received in January 2015 without having even sent out notices of the upcoming camp dates. When I contacted the grandmother about the current dates for this summer, I was told that her two granddaughters just couldn’t wait and wanted to make sure they signed up right away.
Not long ago I talked to another woman who sent her children to camp when they were younger. Her children are now sending their children. She was calling because she had another child late in life and couldn’t wait to send him to camp too and have her house filled once again with Christian songs and memory verses.
Seeds will be sown all summer long in the lives of young boys and girls and staff members that will attend camp, but we know those seeds can spread also into houses and can grow in the hearts of others and impact families in a great way. Pray for the seed of God’s Word to fall on good soil!

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