Do not forget to lift up our front line warriors for the Lord — our staff. These servants are the ones who must face the rigors of the day in and day out ordeals — that can involve the most unexpected situations that a ministry such as this entails. Therefore, they need daily strength and encouragement that only Christ our Lord can provide. So, therefore, please pray for them without fail!

God bless you for your continual prayers and support. We love you all very much.

It is mind boggling to think that just one month from today — we will have already had our first Del-Haven camp of the 2014 season! It is only true saving faith that beholds that which cannot be seen with physical eyes — and that also tightly embraces all the promises of our almighty and sovereign Savior/God. And, truly, the ministry here at Del-Haven is a work — of the faith of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave Himself for us. [Ga 2:20]

We still have room for more campers in our first session, June 16-19. So, if you know of any 6 to 8 yr. old boys, or girls — that would like to go to camp — then go to our website: and fill out an application right away! Please pray that the Lord sends to us the children whom He wills to hear the gospel of the glory of our Lord Jesus. It is this prayer that He has answered for us – now – for over six decades!

Preparations are being completed in order to make the camp ready for the season. We are so appreciative of all who have participated — and who are yet planning to participate — in this much needed labor. We could not do it without you all! Again, continue to pray with us that the Lord guide us — and provide for us — and protect us as we press on in service to His Kingdom — for His glory only!

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