Dear friends, this is absolutely a favorite time of the year! The weather as of late has been just wonderful. The campground is lovely beyond words! We have scheduled a cookout for our staff along with the members of our board as a show of appreciation for their service for the glory of Christ this last summer. Please be in prayer for us and them as we have them out here once again for a relaxing time in the Lord. Lord willing, we hope and pray that they can be with us again next year.

We received word that a dear friend and faithful supporter, Florine McClain, has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She needs all of our prayers. The Lord has used this dear prayer warrior to support and sustain Del-Haven from the beginning of its existence. She is a precious member of our prayer family, and we love her very much! Please remember to lift her up before the Lord. Also, please be in urgent prayer – once again – for our board member, Dan McElwain. He has suffered yet another stroke and needs our prayers. Tests are still being given that will determine exactly the right course of medical procedure. Dan is an important asset to the leadership of Del-Haven. We pray that our Lord will afford him a quick and complete recovery.

Please do not forget to pray for the meeting of our every month operational expenses. The last couple of months have been especially hard for us in that department. Our Lord sustains us by His grace, but not without stretching our faith and trust in Him. We need your continual prayerful support.

During this last summer’s first older boys camp, after the first morning Bible class, it was unusual to see 4 boys just lingering around — and a couple of them even remaining in their seats. One of the seated boys — named, Jacob — emerged as the leader and spokesman for the group. He informed me that he really liked it that I taught the Bible so thoroughly. He said that when he went to church — all his pastor said was: “…blah, blah, blah — Jesus loves you” and that’s it! Now of the 4 boys there was, Jacob – his brother, Lucas – and his friend, Cody. Then there was another camper named, Amaury. Each camp day Jacob and Amaury had questions that needed additional explanation with deeper understanding. Jacob claimed that by the gospel he had been changed; and Amaury stayed up till 3 AM reading his mother’s Spanish Bible. He was elated to be given an English version of the Bible. The other boys, Lucas and Cody, more or less just followed Jacob into the further hearing of the truth. Please remember to be praying for these lads that the Holy Spirit will – by grace — seal the gospel to their hearts and lives for His glory!

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