Prayer Requests
This is, indeed, the off season where our camps are concerned — however, there are still many things that we need to do, both, to prepare for this winter — and the next camp year as well. As mentioned in our last newsletter, we need major repairs done on our Dining Hall roof over the enclosed patio. They are scheduled to be done — and the expense is going to be just over 1,000 dollars to do it. Please remember to pray with us concerning the meeting of this additional expense.

Winter cold is always an issue where our buildings are concerned — and that requires propane to maintain the heating of them. We filled our tanks (which took 820 gal.) while the propane rate was down, but the bill we are faced with is $1344.
Please pray with us in regards to this need as well. These are nothing but oppressive worldly trials — that are only temporary. Our great God is a great provider!

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