Well, dear ones, Fall has officially fallen upon us, and along with the Autumn breeze there comes the color changes where the Autumn leaves are concerned (which is always a beautiful sight). There is also the end of the year responsibilities and expenses with which we must contend. As this newsletter is intended to be a “prayer letter” — we do covet your faithful prayers that our Lord and Savior will continue to provide for the meeting of Del-Haven’s ongoing financial needs. We are continually relying on the truth of God’s Word (which is faith’s “spiritual meat”) where it says from Mt.6:33: “Seek ye first — the Kingdom of God and His righteousness — and all these things (worldly necessities) shall be added unto you.”
2015 Staff Journal Entry
In your praying for us — please do not forget all those that God has sent to us to labor with us on the frontlines where the presentation of the soul saving, life transforming gospel is concerned. From the pages of our camp journal — here is an entry from, Brittany — which was written during our first older girls camp:

07/23/2015> “This is my fourth year of serving at Camp Del-Haven. Every year I learn more about Christ — connect with the kids — and sweat more that thought was humanly possible. Sometimes all the staff become irritated by one or two children, don’t get enough sleep, or just missed out on the coffee; but, that is life. Every detail is meant to bring patience, laughter, or even just bring us to our knees. When I am exhausted and have no energy left, I wonder why I came back. Then a child finds joy in a butterfly, or needs help using a broom — and it reminds me that I am here for the Lord. We are ALL here for Him! Our prayer times as a staff group is one of my favorite times here. (Note to anyone nervous about prayer: You’ll do fine! We won’t judge you. Just pray to Jesus — He will give you the words) To everyone: You have all been Jesus to me in some way. Thank you for letting Him use you here — befriending everyone here — caring for the kids. Thank you, Jesus, for this camp!!!

This journal entry, from this young and willing servant of the Lord, literally speaks volumes as to the outreach of this ministry of Camp Del-Haven. It is not only to the boys and girls that the Lord sends us each year — but also to those whom He sends out here to serve Him where the kids are concerned! Praise His Wonderful Name!

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