Please be in prayer for Sheri DeSchepper and Jeff Hall — who head up our staff of young warriors for Christ Jesus. They are — this very week — training new additions to our staff — as well as giving guidance and direction to returning staff members. The Lord has heard and answered prayer where our need for additional male help is concerned. Again, praise His Name! We continually thank the Lord — and all of the help that He sends our way — especially in our urgent time of need.

We constantly thank and praise Him for all of you as well. Some of you who have been faithful to provide those small monthly stipends — this will not go unrecognized at glory time! Your steady gifts always seem to come at just the right time! Our God is the perfect governor — of our lives. He is Wonderful!

Finally, dear brothers and sisters, please do not ever forget to be in prayer for the boys and girls that come to camp. Pray that the Holy Spirit of God — prepares their hearts — for hearing and responding to — the gospel. It is just such prayers as this — which are well used by the Spirit of God — in the accomplishment of His holy will and purpose. Thanks to you all — for being right where the Lord wanted you!

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