My dear friends — we do have an urgent prayer request! We have come to a very typical — yet difficult time — in regards to the ongoing ministry unto the children. Our ever so faithful — male staff help — whom God has sent to us — have grown unto the age where — in order for them to be able to continue furthering their education — they must go out into the world and find gainful employment. Therefore, once again, we have entered into a season where we are in dire need of — especially — some good, mature and responsible — young (or, even older) men — who can help us during the four camp sessions in which we minister to young boys. Please be in earnest prayer for us about this matter! If you know of any young (or, older) males — that have a desire to serve the Lord — here is an opportunity to take advantage of — even if it is for only one of the four camp sessions that we the help! This is crucial — to the number of boys that we can accept for a given camp session. The more good mature help that we have — then the more campers — we can accept — to minister the gospel. We have been in this situation before — more than once — and our great Savior God has always come through — in sending us laborers “into His harvest”. Glory, only — unto His Name! For details about this — do not hesitate to call us.

As always — we are ever so thankful to the Lord — for each one you — for being there to listen — and be of whatever prayerful help and encouragement that you can — in this so vital a ministry. Our wonderful Lord uses you — to prayerfully — and to financially — keep us afloat upon the ever raging sea of this present world! It seems that the efforts of the evil one — have really been ratcheted up to another notch — where his taking over the minds and lives of our children are concerned. God’s grace will prevail — that’s why we must be more vigilant than ever — to seek Him — and to serve Him — in the spreading of the purity of His gospel truth in any — and every — way that we can. This is what the gospel ministry of Del-Haven is all about. Thank you all — for being such an important part of it!

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