Ever always — please be in prayer for the many, many children that through the ministry of Del-Haven have heard the truth of the gospel of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. You who attended our banquet — received our traditional bookmarks which have the names of the ones who went through our camp program just this last year. Once again, not only pray for that child — but if you would like to send them a card for the holidays that are coming up — just send it to us and we will forward it on unto them. This sort of a loving touch from one of you — through Del-Haven — means a great deal unto the children. Lift them up to the Lord — commending them unto His love and protective care over their lives. We love and thank you.

Please do not forget to be in constant prayer for our staff. The spiritual warfare that we are ever engaged in with the evil one and this world is going to gain in intensity after a time of ministry — make no mistake about it! Our Lord is our strength — our Rock — and our tower of refuge. These special servants of the Lord need our prayers that they be preserved and delivered from the onslaught of satanic attack. And, pray that if it be the Lord’s will — He will send them safely back to us next year, too.

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