Well, dear ones, our 2023 camp season has been filled up with family camp days — which means that our ministry has reflected a little different complexion than just our foundational camp weeks with the children. We have experienced some very positive results and feedback from the families that have participated this year. Everyone seems delighted with what we are doing and what they are experiencing. Please continue to be in prayer that the Lord would be glorified in this additional ministry opportunity as we rebuild our summer camp program for the children.


Please continue to be in prayer for our staff needs. We are seeking from the Lord five male and five female staff workers — truly motivated by the Holy Spirit — with a desire to declare what “great things the Lord hath done” in their own personal lives. We want those whom God has groomed to serve Him — in touching the lives of the children that He sends to Del-Haven.

Here on our Del-Haven website, you can submit an online application for these crucial volunteer staff positions, and also submit information on camper candidates. It is our prayer that the Lord will lead some to us through this means. Maybe He will use some of you to help us in this way. Please pray with us about this urgent need.

We also want to remind everyone that we plan to stop sending out our monthly newsletter by mail and start sending them out by email to help defray our mailing costs. If you want to continue to receive our latest camp news and devotional, please go to our Homepage to sign up for email delivery. Also, if you have time, please reacquaint yourself with our content and specifically our mission statement and the scriptural foundation that reflects the Word of the personal testimony of this ministry which God has sustained for over seven decades.

Lastly, we want to thank all of you who have been led to send your financial support. You would be surprised to see how we continually witness the faithfulness of the Lord in His allowing us to meet each month’s expenses and bills. It is miraculous! We give Him all the thanks, praise and glory — for all of you!

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