Well, the 2013 Del-Haven camp season — truly has started off with a real bang! We were faced with the foreboding situation of having camp — without a swimming pool. We had a severe tear in our liner — as all of you who get our newsletter knew. Our great God — who hears and answers our prayers — moved through you all — making it possible for us to be able to buy a new one. Then came the awesome task of installing it. With little to no experience of performing this task — we naturally sought the Lord’s direction every step of the way. Hence — we got it installed — on Saturday around noon between the first and second scheduled camp sessions.

Next, we had to fill up the new, but still empty pool. This means we needed 36,000 gallons of water! Back in the old days we used to have all our water trucked in — but, that was then, and this was now. Our water man is no longer with us — and every other avenue of supply — diligently searched out — seemed to come up short. Of course, we had a couple of garden hoses running all the time since we got the new liner in place — but the task seemed to be just too much for this slow method to fill up a swimming pool by the noon launch of the next camp on Monday! So, we went back to our Lord in prayer. The Lord heard — and again answered our prayers! We can’t really explain how the pool ended up filled and ready to us by noon on Monday — but, we Praise the Name of our Lord for His intervention! And, we thank you — for all your prayers and special financial provisions! You, too, are a continual answer to our prayers — for your prompt response in helping to meet our needs. This is true love exhibited in spirit and in truth!

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