This summer many children stepped foot on the campground and heard about the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. They attended Bible classes, sang Christian hymns and choruses, learned memory verses, and had personal conversations with the camp staff about the desolate condition of a sinner and their great need for the Savior. For many of these children it was the first time hearing the Good News of the Gospel, and for many of the children it was the first time they ever uttered a prayer, even if it was just to thank the Lord for our meal. It is our earnest prayer that this Christmas season will be more meaningful to them, and that they will remember the things they have learned about the Savior as we celebrate His birth. Many of you picked up prayer bookmarks at our banquet with the name of a child who attended camp. If you would like to write a Christmas message to the child you are praying for, we would like to put it in their Christmas letter this year. If you were not able to pick up a prayer bookmark but would still like to send a Christmas message to a camper to let them know that they are cared for and someone is praying for them, please feel free to still send a note or a card. We will in response send you the child’s name who received the Christmas message so you can pray specifically for them. Please do not include gifts or personal information in your message, such as phone numbers and addresses. Christmas letters to campers will be mailed out on Friday, December 20th. Please send a card or note to:
Camp Del-Haven—Camper Christmas Cards
887 NW 1901
Lone Jack, MO 64070

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