Praises and Prayer Requests August 2021

Well, dear ones, as we come to another end of the camp season we are – naturally — somewhat perplexed about our future. However, like the song says: “I know not what – the future holds – but I know who holds the future! It’s a secret – known only to Him.” And, this is the reality. Our sovereign God is both Omniscient and All-powerful and He knows our needs before we do! We can (and do) trust Him. This is His ministry! We are His servants!

Once again, we want to tell you how much we thank you for your faithfulness in prayerfully supporting us. It is a great encouragement to know you are supporting us in your prayers and supplications.

Please continue to pray earnestly for all the children that the Lord has sent through our camp program. And, don’t give up on the real possibility that we will once again be able to implement our regular camp program. Of course, we must always pray, even when we pray for one another, remember to pray in the overall context of – if the Lord will”. So, please pray for our boys and girls – and please pray for our staff and their helpers – that they be safe from harm or sickness and that they be strengthened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit!

Also, remember in your praying – pray for all the family groups that have responded to our invitations to come spend a big part of the day here at Del-Haven. Right up front I present the everlasting gospel unto them all. The last group we ministered to was the largest group yet! Fifteen people showed up – and all but four were brand new! The Lord may be introducing us to another whole new approach Del-Haven Ministry. Pray with us about this possibility. Thank you – we love you.


Praises and Prayer Requests for July 2021

Well, dear ones, we continue to minister to scheduled families that come out to Del-Haven for hours at a time to experience what a day of camp can include. From Bible Class to Campfire along with swimming and fishing and other outdoor recreation – which also includes craft making – the whole family can enjoy themselves while getting a taste of the Del-Haven Ministry!

As the Lord continues to lead and provide – we continue to plug along and proclaim the pure truth of His wonderful gospel message. Please keep us in your faithful prayers as we make progress as best we can.

We have some wonderful news to report concerning the huge hackberry tree that fell on our Cabin two. Some men from the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove showed up early Monday – July 5th – and replaced the whole roof of the Cabin! Not just repaired it – but replaced it! Once again, the Lord has provided for us an outstanding example of Eph.3:20-21! To God be the glory!

As a result of this good work, however, we do need someone with a machine (a skid steer loader) that can help us bury the shingles pile that we have left over. Please be in prayer with us where this need is concerned. We would greatly appreciate it.

And, of course, in your earnest prayers – please do not forget to include all the campers that we have ministered to – along with our staff leaders and helpers. This world is definitely not our ally. 

These soldiers in the Lord’s army need our continual prayerful support – just as we all do! May we be led by the Spirit to faithfully hold them up to Him who is our strength and shield.

Thank you – we love you.


Praises and Prayer Requests for June 2021

Well, dear ones, we are still faced with the restrictions of our present situation. However, in spite of that, we rejoice in the way that our God and heavenly Father continues to reveal His presence through your faithful prayers and support. Our Lord is still on His throne – in sovereign rule and authority – no matter what! Praise His Name! We have several families that have responded to our offer to allow them to come out (with their children) for a block of specified time and then be able to experience Del-Haven Camp activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, crafts, etc. And, of course, that also includes Bible Class as well. This way we have an added opportunity to present – to announce – the Gospel of the glory, only, of our Lord Jesus Christ – the only Sovereign Savior Substitute that there ever was, is, or ever will be! What a Joy! So, dear ones, please pray that our Lord will give hearing ears and seeing eyes unto — even the parents and care providers of the children.

Don’t forget, please, to pray – always – for the boys and girls that have gone through our gospel camp program…and the young staff helpers that are living and going to school through these un-certain days and times. Pray that they remember their memory verses and that the Spirit of God will enlighten their understanding of His Word to their hearts and minds.

In the midst of everything that’s been going on – a recent storm – with strong winds – managed to blow down a large Hackberry tree on to one of our cabins. It put a hole in the roof. This is the first time in 69 years that something like this has ever happened. Please pray for the Lords leading and meeting of the need to repair the damage to the cabin. Already, the loving and loyal friends of First Baptist Church of Oak Grove have been and still are — on the case. Thank you Lord Jesus for them!



Praises and Prayer Requests for May 2021

Well, dear friends and family in Christ, here we are in the midst of the month of May, 2021 – and we are still under the prevailing regime of fear and governmental restraint. Please continue to pray with us – and for us – in regards to our desire and ability to minister the everlasting gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ — here at Camp Del-Haven. While we are still hopeful that our Lord will open the door for us to be able to hold some regular camp sessions – as we have done over the last six decades – it appears that what we will have to do – is start our season out by inviting whole families out for a day of regular weekly camp activities to be experienced by them – all in one day. This is what we did last year – and the Lord blessed us with His presence in our times with each one of the different families that positively responded to our invitations. Pray that this will once again be well received – and that the Lord will once again be glorified – in our ministering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to whole families.

We have been greatly encouraged by how the Lord has manifested His sustaining of us through your continued prayerful support in every way. The last part of the month of April we had a record work day where three different groups of young men converged onto Del-Haven grounds and cleaned up the whole camp. It was monumental – to say the least! I know we had in excess of over 25 helpers that attacked some of the most difficult tasks of cleanup that we had – and — they did a super job! I have been praying for a long while that God would send us some young men to help us – not only with work that is taylor made for strong young males to accomplish – but also to potentially become interested in serving Him in the camps where needed! I had more than one conversation with the fellas that showed up to work about doing just that. Please remember to seek the Lord’s will in this regard when you pray for Del-Haven. Thank you in advance for doing so.

And, when you pray – please remember to pray for all the boys and girls that have already been sent by the Lord through our camp program. All the ones that looked forward to coming to camp last year, but were prevented from doing so because of the threat of the pandemic. This includes both camper and staff helper alike. Don’t forget – we are experiencing physical ramifications of  a spiritual battle with an enemy that targets souls! Our Lord Jesus, Himself, said from Jn.6:38-39: For I came down from heavennot do mine own willbut the will of Him that sent me. (39) And this is the Father’s will which hath sent methat of all which He hath given meI should lose nothingbut should raise it up again at the last day!” This means – that Satan cannot Win! PTL!

“For we through the Spirit – wait for the hope of Righteousness by faith. [Gal.5:5]


Praises and Prayer Requests for March 2021

Well, dear ones, we are now in the midst of March and we still do not know for certain if we will be allowed to – once again — accept campers for regular camp sessions. Please be in earnest prayer with us concerning this all important matter. There is nothing too hard for the Lord – regardless of the adverse circumstances! We already know that even if we cannot – again this year – do camp ministry like we have done for decades – we plan to once again have families come to Del-Haven for a full day of Camp Del-Haven activities – including Bible class – and minister to Mom and Dad and campers altogether. The Lord blessed our time last year when we did that. So, if need be — we are prepared to do the same this year. Again – please pray for our Lord’s wise leading where this is concerned.

And, as always – please remember to pray for the children that we have so much on our hearts — that have been campers (and that want to be campers) at Del-Haven. All the boys and girls that have come from all the different broken backgrounds that God has sent to us to hear the wonderful truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ! We all have had a lot of other people that have been led of the Lord to pray for us – some whom we know – and a lot whom we do not really know. The prayers of the people of God are what God uses to graciously accomplish His will and good pleasure…and we all need just that!

Pray also for our staff as well. For over 60 years the sovereign Savior has always met our need of good help to fill the key positions of leadership in this camp ministry. Many of our staff were at one time in their lives also campers of ours. What a living miracle to see how the Lord God brings us campers only to enter into their lives and also turn them into our valued and faithful helpers. It is truly a marvelous thing to witness! Please pray for our staff – especially if the Lord sees fit to have us in full operation this year!

We do love you all and really appreciate you being so faithful in continuing to prayerfully support the Lord’s ministry here. This encourages our hearts and serves to strengthen and comfort us – as we wait on the Lord!


Praises and Prayer Requests for February 2021

Dear ones, the Psalmist is inspired to write from Ps.116:17: I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgivingand will call upon the Name of the Lord!” And, we certainly do have much thanks that we need to give unto our Lord for His answers to our prayers!


The Lord has answered our prayers for brother, Pastor Larry Tennant of Pleasant Grove Bible Church! He is back at home and making real positive progress — having survived a severe stroke. He was able to attend church and even to walk (with his wife, Mary Ann, at his side) to the front of the church and read a Psalm! Praise the Lord! Let’s continue to lift them both up before our Lord for his full recovery!

Also, Samuel Waghmare – a 21yr. old college student – and missionary/pastor Prem Waghmare’s son – was shot seven times in an attempted car jacking incident. However, he has – by the grace of our Savior God (in answer to our prayers) not only survived the attempted murder, but is also back at home with his family! Please put him on your prayer list for his continued recovery as well. None of us are finished in this world – until God says so!

Please put our Sheri D. on your prayer list. She has recently been diagnosed with the Covid as well – and is currently having to go through the mandatory period of quarantine. We need to pray that she comes through this without incident.

Then there’s the report of the status with Jeff’s parents, Jerry and Marsha Hall, (who served faithfully on Del-Haven’s Board of Directors for many decades). Both were in the hospital at the same time having been diagnosed with the virus. Our Lord has seen fit for Jerry to have recovered enough to be back home – thanks to the Lord – whereas, our dear sister, Marsha, has gone on to be with the Lord. Please continue to lift Jerry up to Lord for His Holy Spirit’s wonderful comfort and strengthening at this time. May the peace of God – rule his heart and mind.

Ps.116:15 says: Precious in the sight of the Lordis the death of His saints.” The blood of Christ is described as being “Precious” – for by it we have been redeemed and cleansed from all of our sins [see 1Pe.1:19; 1Jn.1:7]; the gift of God’s grace of Faith to believe in the Lord Jesus is described as being “Precious” [see 2Pe.1:1]; and here in Ps.116 – when all of our times finally come to an end – God has declared and made all of our passings away from this sin and trouble filled world – to be Precious in His sight. Praise His Wonderful Name!

Of course, in all of your praying, please remember all the Del-Haven campers — and our faithful staff workers and helpers. And, please be praying that we can, once again, have regular camp this year.  Dear friends and family in Christ – you all know – that we all need one another’s continual prayers for support as we follow our Savior through this rugged wilderness of a world. So, let us continue to persevere in our praying for one another! We love you all!


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