Praises and Prayer Requests for June 2022

Well, Praise the Lord – dear ones – He has led us through a wonderful kick-off in our returning full season of camps here at Del-Haven! Please be in earnest prayer for the rest of the Summer. Christ Jesus is also our only hope of Victory! In fact, He is our Victory!

Our first camp of precious 6 to 8 year olds gave us many reasons for us to rejoice! The little gems were just wonderful. In fact, our young staff – proved to show some real promise that they are growing more mature in the Lord. This observance is being made by virtue of watching them as they guide the campers throughout the agenda of the Camp Del-Haven Program. We are not only encouraged in this – but we also can truly sense the many prayers that you all are led to be making for us! Thank you –  please keep it up!

Dear friends, we are experiencing the bitter/sweet reality of the Lord’s calling home one of our most loved. Jerry Hall (Jeff’s Dad) spent over two decades on the board of directors of Camp Del-Haven. He was a real asset to the entire operation! He could do everything! I remember having to call him – again – seeking his expert direction in some complex matter – and hearing him tell me, “John – I hope I live long enough for you to learn how to do all these things!” And, the sad reality is – that he didn’t. He passed into glory on Sunday, June 12, at the age of 81. We ask that you remember the Halls’ in praying for the Lord’s comforting presence at this time. We thank and praise the Lord our God for Jerry’s “holy calling” to be a vital part of Del-Haven!



Praises and Prayer Requests for May 2022

Well my dear family in Christ, things are developing in a genuinely positive way toward our being able to forge on into having a full season of camps! Praise the Lord! Already, we have right at 50 children all signed up for coming to camp. And, the work on getting the campground well groomed for them is making some real progress. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to prepare. The Lord is hearing and answering in His Great Faithfulness. What an awesome God He is! Please pray that the hearts of all the children that our Lord sends to us will be opened and prepared to effectually hear the Good News of the Gospel of the glory – only – of the Lord Jesus Christ – the only sovereign Savior Substitute that there ever was – is – or, ever will be! “Hearts” opened by the Lord are “hearts” that are prepared to receive the Lord. That’s what we earnestly pray and strive for to take place by God’s grace. Do not forget what Paul said about his own ministry: But by the grace of GodI am what I amand His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vainbut I laboured more abundantly than they allyet not Ibut the grace of God which was with me!” [1Co.15:10Please pray that we, too, will minister according to God’s ever enabling and enacting grace.

Please continue to pray for our Staff Help (and helpers). We really want only those to respond whom our Sovereign God has ordained to serve Him and be the ones to fill all our staff needs. One of the most difficult tenets of scripture to follow is the one that says: He that believeth shall not make haste.” [Is.28:16]  Our “waiting on the Lord” is tantamount to our “loving Him”. Compare Is.64:4 with the way that Paul is inspired to quote in 1Cor.2:9-10. So, therefore, pray for a staff who are truly called to a Holy Spirit loving humility to serve Him in dealing with these children.

Dear ones, we have a special prayer request. Pastor Randy Messer of the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove has suffered a stroke. We need to lift him up to the Lord in prayer for his healing and complete recovery. He is in Centerpoint Hospital.

We love you all for your prayers and faithful generous support.


Praises and Prayer Requests for February 2022

Well, dear ones, we are definitely in the midst of “winter-in-the-woods” here at Del-Haven! It is beautiful – and quiet! God’s glorious creation magnificently manifests itself in all of its different seasons…and that includes winter. The sense of solitude with its silence invites meditation upon the greatness of our absolutely sovereign creator God. Praise His Holy Name!

1Cor.:15:58 encourages us by saying: Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lordforasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vainin the Lord.” With that in mind, dear fellow prayer warriors, please do not become complacent in remembering to pray for all our camper/children – along with all of our staff and their helpers. Do not ever forget that God’s Word teaches us that pure gospel preaching is made effectual through our constant saturation of it with all our prayers! We pray for our staff and campers before we even see the boys and girls that our Lord sends to camp for us to present to them the wonderful news of the gospel of God’s grace. And, we continue to pray for them after they leave us and return to their different home and school environments. This is what they really need! In fact, this is what we really need as well.

Please do not forget to pray that we may be able to once again be allowed — without restrictions, to return to holding regular camp weeks once again! Our sovereign God can do anything! Things seem to be loosening up a bit. We hope to be able to venture back into a regular camp program. We pray that we will successfully be able to do so. Your faithful prayerful support is much appreciated. We love you – and we pray for you all as well. We thank our Lord for all He does for us through you!

Also, for all of you that have faithfully donated to Del-Haven in 2021 – annual receipts have been mailed out. If any of you have not received a receipt for what you have given – or, if you have — and there is an error of some kind – please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention so we can get the matter corrected. You can call us at (816) 425-0460.


Praises and Prayer Requests for January 2022

Well, dear ones, the camp buildings have all been winterized and put to rest as usual this time of year. All is peaceful – except for the sounds an occasional chain saw and maybe a splitting mall. The work around here never ever really stops – it just changes forms. Nevertheless, our seeking the Lord on behalf of the ministry is perpetual. God’s Word tells us from Lk.18:1: And He (Jesus) spake a parable unto them – to this end – that men ought always to pray and not to faint.” How true this is!

Hence, please do not forget to pray for all our children. Lift them up before our Sovereign Savior and pray for their spiritual and physical welfare and preservation. Satan has been after the children from the beginning of his wicked work in the Garden of Eden! Our Savior has been exalted to be the Head of all principality and power and might and dominion [see: Eph.1:19-21]. And, the devil – has never been – and, even now, is no match for He who Sovereignly rules over him! Praise His Name, our prayers are used by our Godnot to change His willbut to accomplish it. This is why we are continually coming to know that it takes a great Savior like this to save any of us! That’s also why we ask, as always, that when you pray for the boys and girls – please do not forget to pray for Del-Haven’s immediate future for 2022 – that we be led of the Lord to be able to have regular camp sessions once again. And, also, include in your prayers — the provision and spiritual stability of our staff and their many helpers.

Also, dear ones, we ask that you pray for Ken Edens.  Ken served on the board of Del-Haven for years until he had a stroke which hampered his ability to attend meetings.  He has recently suffered another stroke and is once again in the hospital.  He seems to be recovering well.  Pastor Larry Tennant  of Pleasant Grove Bible Church has had to have a quintuple bypass.  The Lord has brought him through this event in a marvelous way.  We ask that you pray for his complete recovery.

 Once again, thank you, dear faithful friends, for your continual encouragement and support – especially during these difficult times. It is wonderful to know that you are there. We love you all and we do pray for you as well – that you all will have a richly blessed New Year.


Praises and Prayer Requests for December 2021

My dear friends and family in Christ, the end of 2021 being right upon us – let us not forget to continue to earnestly pray for the children who have been in the hearing of Del-Haven’s gospel preaching camp program. Please pray that our sovereign Lord will be pleased to allow us to be able to hold regular camp sessions once again. Pray for the boys and girls and also for our staff leaders and helpers. Nothing is too hard for our Lord. He can lead us victoriously through this whole ordeal!

From what we have experienced during this difficult time is indeed amazing! Our new thrust of ministering the gospel to family groups has been very rewarding as well. We may be able to incorporate a few sessions of that in addition to having regular camps. Pray with us – for the Lord’s leading in this regard. We love the opportunity of being able to proclaim the gospel to the whole family as well.

Again, we want to express our sincere thankfulness unto the Lord God for the way that you have maintained your much needed prayers and gifts during these last two years. By God’s great grace you have been so marvelous in hanging in there with us! We just Praise the Lord for all of you!

You are continually in our prayers. We love you – and wish all of you a wonderful and meaningful Christmas Season.


Praises and Prayer Requests for November 2021

Well, dear ones, we are once again approaching another Holiday Season – and once again we ask that you all please remember to pray for the children that have been through the Del-Haven Ministry during this time of year. For many of the boys and girls are from broken homes – this time of year serves only to remind them of what they don’t have…a loving, stable and safe relationship with their families. This is precisely what the pure truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ announces unto them! A Relationshipan eternal Relationship – with the Heavenly Father – and the Holy Spirit of Godthrough an ever present Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ –  their Kinsman Redeemer! Del-Haven is not a Camp Ministry that seeks to just be a platform to promote Religion. No! We long to be used of the Lord to introduce children (and their families) to a lifelong reliable Relationship and walk with the Lord of lords and King of kings – Jesus, the Christ of Almighty God.

Please keep praying for us – that we will be able in 2022 to have regular weekly camps like before without all the divisive restrictions. This is what we are designed to do. This is the Lord’s ministry – He has been – and still is – totally in charge. Never doubt that fact!

And, when you pray for the kids, please do not forget to pray also for those that the Lord will send to us to fill positions on our Staff! They need to be sent by the Savior to do what needs to be done throughout all our camper days. God is absolutely sovereign and in control – and He uses the prayers of His children to accomplish His Will and Good Pleasure!  [See Phil.2:13]

We will continue to try to keep you informed of our needs as they unfold before us – just so you can pray with understanding for us. For the time being we feel we have done what’s necessary to maintain a safe environment for our buildings by trimming tree limbs and even removing some trees that were a real threat should they be blown over during a storm. The unexpected expenses to do that came to $4250. Please pray that this expense can be met. For just about 70 years, now, the only fund raising method that has ever really worked – is – We pray and God provides! Praise His Name! We are ever so thankful for all of you!

“Therefore if any man be in Christ – he is a New creature!

Old things are passed away; Behold – all things are become New!

And, all things are of God,

who hath Reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ,

and hath given unto us the ministry of Reconciliation.”