Praises and Prayer Requests for August 2020

Dear ones, let us keep one another in our fervent prayers as this “virus thing” continues to un-fold. It, too, is of this fallen and cursed world – so it, too — is also only temporary! This world is the last semblance of the wicked empire of Satan. It is here and now that he is allowed to exercise and execute his murderous and lying authority. But, our Sovereign Lord and Savior is supreme in authority! He reigns over all! He is in complete control even over the devil! He is in complete loving control over us! Praise His Name! Let us pray that we – by His great grace – will continue to put all our trust in Him! The Word of God says from Jer.17:5: Cursed be the man that trusteth in manand maketh flesh his armand whose heart departeth from the Lord.” Whereas Vs.7  of this same context boldly declares: Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lordand whose hopethe Lord is!”

We have had some really good response to our invitations to families that have come out to experience the activities that are included in a day of camp. It has been wonderful to be able to declare the gospel unto parent and child alike. We had a wonderful time discoursing with one of the fathers! He has had a rough past life, but now he also demonstrates a marvelous testimony for Christ! Please be in prayer for this man. His name is Jason.

Please continue to pray for our staff of young helpers — and, of course, for all of the children.

We had only one family that had to back out of coming due to illness – please lift them up to the Lord with us.

We love you for continuing to prayerfully support us through this time. Let us persevere in loving God and trusting in Him who works all things out for our good – according to His eternal purpose and grace.

This month we wanted to share with you some of the letters we have received from campers in response to our summer newsletters.  We definitely have missed them and treasure the little notes they have written to us.

Dear Camp Del-Haven, My favorite thing to do out at camp was swimming and eating the good breakfast.  Also, I liked to clean the cabin. – Darionna

Dear Camp Del-Haven, I was looking forward to attending camp for the first time this year, but since Covid-19 I can’t.  I hope next summer I can. – Darielle

Dear Camp Del-Haven, I miss you Camp Del-Haven.  I really want to come back, but I can’t because of the virus. – Norah

Dear Camp Del-Haven, What I like about camp is swimming, fishing, singing, breakfast, dinner, and most of all, you guys, and everything.  Love you guys. I really, really do miss you. –  Lillian

As summer ends, these children will be heading back to school.  Whether they will be returning to school in person or virtually, there will be challenges for them and their families. Please be in prayer with us for the dear children to whom we minister.  Our camper newsletters have focused on the presence and power of God.  May they be more and more aware of a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for them in every situation.



Praises and Prayer Requests for July 2020

Well, dear ones, by this time in July, Camp Del-Haven would have already had three full camp sessions. We would have had a younger children’s camp (age 6-8); an older girls camp (age 9-12); and an older boys camp (age 9-12). However, by virtue of God’s sovereign, all-governing will and direction – where not only our regular camp schedule is concerned, but where the state of our whole world is concerned – for the first time in our history – our general agenda of ministry has had to be abandoned.We definitely need to include in our prayers right now — for sovereign God to rule over our country and its leaders at all levels to lead us to a peaceful resolve regarding all the restrictions that are presently upon us. Nothing is too hard, or too wonderful for our Almighty and merciful God!

Of course, we also need to band together and be in prayer for all the boys and girls that make up our campers – for all the young men and women that make up our staff – and (perhaps even more especially) for all the moms and dads; all the grandmas and grandpas; and all the care providers of the children to not succumb to all the fleshly fear that is so prevalent at this hour so as to not respond to our invitation to the families to come to Camp Del-Haven for just a day. A day of fun, relaxation and rest – with a focus upon the word of the truth of the gospel. [see Col.1:5]

Dear ones, thank you so much for continuing to stand with us in all of your prayerful support! Whatever the coming days unfold to us – we know without a doubt that the wonderful message of Ro.8:28 remains eternally true: And we knowthat all things work together for goodto them that love Godto them that are the calledaccording to His purpose!” Praise His Holy Name!!

Here is an email we received when we went to confirm addresses for our summer newsletters.  What a joy it was to hear from a former camper (Lacey) whose son and nieces are current campers.

Hey Sheri, yes our address is the same. Leland, Destany, and Aliyah were all sad they can’t go to Del-Haven this year. They really look forward to going each year as did I when I was a camper. They are actually planning their own backyard camp to do with arts and crafts, nature walks, swim time, singing the camp songs, and Bible study. We’re going to set up a tent in the yard. Destany and Aliyah are making a schedule they are going to follow. They told me they have to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the first day and pizza on Wednesday and even end with a campfire. Hope you guys are doing well.  Lacey 


Praises Prayer Requests for June 2020

Dear friends, once again – this is a history making year for the ministry of Camp Del-Haven! We earnestly need your prayers! For the first time, we are unable to launch our camp season on time. And so we have to switch gears a little bit – and make a new approach to things. The one thing, however, that is not new – is our need to plead and pray for our sovereign Lord’s faithful leading! He is our Savior! He knows and answers our needs Before we call out to Him! Praise His Name! [see Is.65:24] We serve the only true God with whom there is nothing too hard, or too wonderful, for Him to do! [see: Jer.32:17] So, please pray with us for the wisdom of God to guide us during these uncertain circumstances.

Of course, we must not let down our constant and persistent petitioning of our Lord God for Him to care for and meet the many needs of each of our children. The hateful and wicked Enemy has had his evil eye on the children right from the start! And, these times of riots and looting are not only dangerous, but they also spread a dreadful contagion of rebellious thinking and acting. And our young, impressionable Staff and Camper alike need our prayers for stability and safety! Our Great God can preserve them and provide for them and protect them (as well as us).

Our current ministry plan for this summer includes the following efforts to keep in contact and continue to minister to campers and their families. At this time we will be serving our previous campers from last summer, but we will also add new campers and families as opportunities are presented to us.

  1. We will be sending out 6 newsletters over the summer to the campers. The newsletters will contain content with a Bible devotion, a daily Bible reading plan through the Gospel of John, a memory verse with learning activities, nature study, at-home craft ideas, Internet links to child friendly Christian websites and Christian sing-a-longs, etc. 
  2. Sometime in the summer we will put together a small care package to send to campers. The care package will contain small gifts such as religious themed items: tracts, book marks, coloring books, stickers, crafts, small toys, etc.
  3. Beginning in July we will also start inviting families out for one family a day to do some fishing, boating, swimming, using the basketball court/playground, and cooking some hot dogs and marshmallows. We will be able to interact with them during the day to continue to build relationships and share the Gospel.  Many of our current campers come from families whose parents have also attended Camp Del-Haven as children, and we are excited to see how the Lord will use this opportunity to minister to entire families.

Please be in prayer with us as we desire to continue to serve children and families during this time.


Praises and Prayer Requests for May 2020

Well, dear ones, the restrictions due to the virus seem to be lessening a little bit – which is good. However, we are still not sure when we can have camp this year! Please be in prayer with us over this issue. And, when you pray for all the boys and girls that are currently a part of the family of Del-Haven Camp Ministries – including both our campers and staff helpers – please pray for their rescue from the restrictions of individual freedoms that we all normally would have apart from this virus. It has created a disturbing — and even a destructive divisiveness – in all of our normal activities! Let us prayerfully seek our Lord’s specific deliverance – as only He can per-form — from these oppressive circumstances that we all are presently being subjected to!

Our freedom to gather together and worship our Lord God in Spirit and in Truth is definitely under attack! The fervent prayer of the righteous is by far the most effective offense that we can wage against the enemy! In this way, the best defense — is a good offense. Pr.18:10 immediately comes to mind: The Name of the Lord is a strong towerthe righteous runneth into it and is safe!” In addition, is Ps.56:9, which says: When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back! This I know; for God is with me.” Praise His Precious and Protective Name!

Dear ones, on April 29th there occurred a Bitter/Sweet event. A most wonderful preacher and pastor, brother Don Fortner, of Grace Baptist Church of Danville, KY – by God’s great grace and perfect timing – was completely delivered from this wicked world – and was divinely ushered and received — into the heavenly glory of his blessed Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Don’s passing away is Bitter – only because we will greatly miss him and his ministry unto us! We need to remember to pray for his precious wife, Shelby, that the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfortwill be extra close unto her – embracing her in His everlasting and loving arms.

But, his passing is also Sweet — because our dear brother has been completely rescued from this sin troubled and turbulent world. Praise the Name of the Savior! Don was one of the greatest warriors among us for his faithfulness to proclaim the pure Truth of the gospel of God’s sove-reign grace that this world has ever had! He leaves us a valuable legacy of recorded messages and many published works that are filled with the riches of a right and an accurate understanding of the Word of God. Thanks be unto God for what He has given unto us through His faithful servant, Don Fortner! I, therefore, conclude this Del-Haven Prayer/Newsletter with this blessed reminder to all you. It is a reminder that I can just hear my dear brother, Don, echoing to us all –  right directly from the Word of God:


Praises and Prayer Requests for April 2020

These are trying days that have come upon us. Right at this moment it yet remains to be seen whether, or not, it will be possible to even have Del-Haven’s regular camp season! The Corona-virus is indeed a pestilence that the Lord has allowed to have been thrust upon our world. His judgments are just and perfect! No matter what people may say or think — its presence and its impact on our lives has happened, and is happening right now in our midst. And, our sovereign God has been – and still is – in complete control of it all! He was in control when it first broke out – and He will be in control of it when it finally will end. Please pray with us in regards to these serious matters! As always in this fallen world – God will either manifest Himself as our Savior, or as our Judge – and that will be the case whether it means life , or death. God’s Word will forever remain to be true – For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lordshall be saved.” [Ro.10:13]  Therefore, let us go before His eternal throne humbly seeking His salvation.

There is another text of scripture — Pr.3:5-6 – that has traditionally become a standard among all of our campers here at Camp Del-Haven. Its message is very relevant unto us right now! It says: Trust in the Lord with all thine heartand lean not unto thine own understandingin all thy ways acknowledge Himand He shall direct thy path.” These are words upon which we may live out our whole lives upon this earth. Again, I  humbly request your earnest prayers for the Lord’s Will to be done for Camp Del-Haven this summer.

No matter what the circumstances dictate to us – we always need to be praying for the precious children that have come to camp – and especially the ones whose hearts were set on coming this year. This unusual adversity that we are currently experiencing can be especially disconcerting to those that are young in the faith. Times like this — that are out of our control – serve to cause us to depend completely upon our wonderful Savior which is a good thing [Romans 8:28]. He is ever faithful and completely trustworthy!

By the way, we have another special prayer request. Last month the hot water heater in our Chapel broke down and flooded throughout the building. This means that it needs to be replaced. The expense is going to run right around $300. Please be in prayer with us concerning this need.

Praises and Prayer Requests for March 2020

Well, dear family in Christ, once we get through March we will begin the countdown of work weekends to the Camp Del-Haven 2020 camp season! The arduous task(s) of camp preparation will officially be upon us. Please begin at once in praying with us as we face all that needs to be done. As with all that we ever do – we seek first the wisdom and guidance of our great Savior in this His ministry. We covet your prayerful involvement – as always.

Our standard prayer, of course, is for all the boys and girls that have come to camp in the past – and especially that will be coming to camp this year. The ongoing practice of praying has a great deal to do with the fact of the generational legacy that – by the grace of God – is already happening as far as the ministry of Del-Haven is concerned! Praise the Savior! And, all of you who have been so loyal to support us in your praying with us – our Lord has made you to be a real stalwart part of this reality. We love you and we thank our sovereign, almighty God for you!

Then, likewise, there is the matter of our staff help. We do have some faithful ones that we are so glad to see returning each year – but we are always in need of quality mature Christian male and female helpers. This, too, is something that we depend on the Lord to provide – so, prayer for this provision from His hand is vitally necessary! Please continue to join with us in this particular prayerful endeavor. We thank you in advance for your continual support in this regard.

Thanks so much for your wonderful response in regards to the lifeguard training expense. Praise the Name of our great and gracious Savior!

Summer Volunteers Needed

If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving the Lord with us this summer, please contact Sheri at 816-690-8465 or for more information.  We are in need of both adult and young volunteers over the age of 14.


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