Praises and Prayer Requests for March 2020

Well, dear family in Christ, once we get through March we will begin the countdown of work weekends to the Camp Del-Haven 2020 camp season! The arduous task(s) of camp preparation will officially be upon us. Please begin at once in praying with us as we face all that needs to be done. As with all that we ever do – we seek first the wisdom and guidance of our great Savior in this His ministry. We covet your prayerful involvement – as always.

Our standard prayer, of course, is for all the boys and girls that have come to camp in the past – and especially that will be coming to camp this year. The ongoing practice of praying has a great deal to do with the fact of the generational legacy that – by the grace of God – is already happening as far as the ministry of Del-Haven is concerned! Praise the Savior! And, all of you who have been so loyal to support us in your praying with us – our Lord has made you to be a real stalwart part of this reality. We love you and we thank our sovereign, almighty God for you!

Then, likewise, there is the matter of our staff help. We do have some faithful ones that we are so glad to see returning each year – but we are always in need of quality mature Christian male and female helpers. This, too, is something that we depend on the Lord to provide – so, prayer for this provision from His hand is vitally necessary! Please continue to join with us in this particular prayerful endeavor. We thank you in advance for your continual support in this regard.

Thanks so much for your wonderful response in regards to the lifeguard training expense. Praise the Name of our great and gracious Savior!

Summer Volunteers Needed

If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving the Lord with us this summer, please contact Sheri at 816-690-8465 or for more information.  We are in need of both adult and young volunteers over the age of 14.


Praises and Prayer Requests for February 2020

Well, dear friends and family in Christ, we are officially in the count down to when we will begin having our “work Saturdays” all the way up to June – when we start our season of camps. Once again, the list of things that we need to get done will be extreme – but our Lord God will guide us.  And, once again, we implore your faithful prayers that all will go well and the 2020 season of Camp Del-Haven will get off to another beautiful beginning!

In praying for our preparation of the campgrounds – please remember to seek our Lord’s intercession in whom He wills to send to camp as far as the camper boys and girls are concerned. At the start of each camp session I try to address the children and – right up front – I tell them that each and everyone of them is there as an answer to prayer. I want them to know that God is in control and we have prayed for all of them in advance. The ones who have been here before and are coming back to Del-Haven for another camp – as well as those who are here for the first time. God willing, this will lay a firm foundation for what they can expect throughout the week. Please support us in your faithful prayers for them.  

Theresa and I were in Wal-Mart just the other day — and there was Hannah R., one of our faithful regulars on the girls staff. She was with her mother getting some groceries. We greeted each other with hugs and I cheerfully asked, “Are you going to be able to help us again this coming summer?” To which she gave a hearty positive reply. Here again, is another testimony of encouragement from our forever faithful sovereign God who knows our needs even before we ask Him! Nevertheless, please continue to pray for our Lord’s supply of male and female staff members – as it is subject to change at any moment. The Lord, Himself, is our Rock where those whom we will have each year on our staff is concerned. We are all willing volunteers for Jesus (see Ps.110:3) – Praise His Name!

We have some good news to give! Two of the most critical buildings that were targeted for needing new roofs (our Restroom/Shower House Building and our Craft Building) quite unexpectedly were completely tended to and totally done! Thanks to Fidler On The Roof KC. They were on the ball, thorough and efficient. The shingles they used are warranted for 30 years! Praise the Savior! Now we don’t have to worry about those buildings being uninsured. Thanks for your prayers with us, also, in this regards.

One of our male staff members who is returning this summer would like to take a certified lifeguard training course.  We need $325 to cover the expense for this training.  Please pray with us that the Lord will supply the extra funds to be able to cover this expense as it will fill a great need in caring for the safety of all of our campers/staff.


Praises and Prayer Requests for January 2020

 Well, dear ones, this old sinful world has turned yet another annual page in the history of its passing away. [see: 1Jn.2:15-16] According to our sovereign Lord’s eternal and immutable purpose and decree — Del-Haven Ministry will be conducting its 68th camping season of proclaiming the pure truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ! Our very existence for this particular purpose is, indeed, a real testimony of our Lord’s faithfulness in graciously guiding, providing and preserving us. And, all of you who have been moved to prayerfully support us in whatever way that you have – God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love which ye have showed toward His Namein that ye have ministered to the saintsand do minister.” [He.6:8]

All of us here at Del-Haven want to — once again — thank all of you for being there and praying for us like you do. We love you, dearly, and we constantly pray for all of you as well!

Having said all of that – may we remind you to not forget to lift up in your prayers our ongoing staff situation – along with all of the many boys and girls that our Lord sends to camp each summer. We are always in need of many prayers for those whom the Lord sends to us to help work through the camp schedule with the children and communicate directly to them the Word of God’s great grace. And, we are always in need of God’s people to pray for Him to nurture the children that go through the scripture memory classes and the devotions after every meal and the daily Bible classes. Pray that God – as only He can do – will reveal Himself to them and lead them in their walk through this dreadful world. We have seen how our wonderful Lord hears and answers our prayers in His doing exactly that! So, please, dear ones, do remember to pray for us.

There are a total of 14 building structures on Del-Haven. After an inspection by our insurance company – there is some need for building maintenance throughout the whole camp. Some of the needed upkeep is urgent or our insurance company will not insure the buildings. The roofs on our Craft Building and our Restroom/Shower House Building need to be completely replaced. We have had a roofing company also do an inspection — and they can do a really good and thorough job on these two buildings for $4,910. As only the Lord could do – we somehow were able to get remodeled our Dining Hall Kitchen – and re-wired the whole building – put new shower stalls in the Restroom/Shower House Building – and still ended up with $4,191 left over from what was generously donated to do all of this wonderful work! So, we only need $719 and we can take care of the roofs of these two buildings and be back in good standing with our insurer. Please be in prayer with us, and for us, to be able to get this accomplished. Thank you and God bless you all.


Praises and Prayer Requests for December 2109

Well, dear family of God, we have come unto the close of yet another year in this sinful world. Yet another milestone of God’s will and sovereignty on the stage of our life and existence has been accomplished. The ministry of our Lord here at Del-Haven continues to manifest the testimonies of His presence, His purpose, His provision and His preservation. We continually praise and thank Him for this reality. And, this includes all of you who have kept – and continue to keep — us  in your prayers. We know this is of the Lord’s doing! So, therefore, as we thank Him – we also want to thank you as well.

In many ways, we have seen days, weeks, months and years – come and go – but no matter the changes that have occurred over time (in this world) – God’s great faithfulness remains strong and sure! This means that — with the Psalmist do we declare: Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give gloryfor thy mercy and for thy truth’s sake!”[Ps.115:1Praise His Name!

Our prayers must be evermore constant for the staff and campers that God supplies for the work that is performed here. Everyone He has sent and continues to send needs the uplifting of our praying for them to survive the onslaught of the spiritual warfare that surrounds them in this ungodly worldly environment. The ramifications of this adverse reality are constantly upon them, and us! But, praise God, another constant is also always present – and that is — where sin abounds – God’s grace does much more abound! That as sin hath reigned unto deatheven so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord!”[Ro.5:21] Your prayers, therefore, are invaluable to us! Hence, we continue to pray for all of you — that you will continue to pray for all of us. Thank you in advance for doing so. May you all have a blessed and wonderful time – a Christ centered time – all during this season.


Praises and Prayer Requests for November 2019

Well, dear friends and family in Christ our Lord and Savior, we have come once again unto one of the most blessed times to gather together around a meal to express our thanksgiving to our God and enjoy the fellowship of the ones we love. And, from all of us here at Del-Haven – unto all of you – we want to sincerely wish a

Happy Thanksgiving! for 2019.

Please remember, when you bow your heads to pray, all the boys and girls that have been sent by our great Savior into the hearing of the gospel of His great grace here at Camp Del-Haven. Many do not have the same welcoming and loving family environment in which to encounter and experience. But, the great Comforter – the Holy Spirit of our sovereign almighty God – can make all the difference! He can do anything! And, He does everything for His family – Praise His all glorious Name! His Word declares that for Him – Nothing is too hard, or wonderful!

Please do not forget to pray for our staff. The young men and ladies that our Lord will groom and prepare to be His witnesses unto the campers. These true Christian warriors need our ever constant prayerful support! We can never let down our guard while on the battleground of this world. Remember, our adversary, Satan, is like a roaring Lion –  seeking whom he may devour! And, our most vulnerable children have always been – and still are – his prime targets!

Please seek the Lord with us for His continual guidance and protection in the ongoing provision of our many needs. We continually thank our God for all of you whom He has enlisted to faithfully and prayerfully support us in this ministry. We love you all – for being there!


Praises and Prayer Requests for October 2019

Well, dear ones, we continue to praise our wonderful Lord God for everything that He continues to demonstrate in regards to His great faithfulness! A favorite text of Don Carpenter was Lam.3:22-23: It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumedbecause His compassions fail not. (23)They are new every morning: Great is thy Faithfulness!” It’s interesting, as well as encouraging, that this text tells us that God’s mercies are new to us every morning. Every new day that we are still here in this fallen-in-sin world – He refreshes upon us His everlasting mercies and His unfailing compassion. Praise His Name – He cannot fail! [see Jn.6:39]

 As the calendar approaches another season of holidays, please do not forget to hold up in your prayers the campers and staff. For many of them – this time of year is fraught with depression and disappointment. Pray that the precious Holy Spirit reveals Himself to them with the comfort and joy that He is particularly famous for. Pray for us as well, dear ones, as we pray for you! There are so many times where all I can do is pray and trust in the Lord and His awesome sovereign control over it all. Like the scripture tells us concerning Abraham as he faced his impossible situation. Ro.4:17  tells us that “…he believed Godwho quickeneth the deadand calleth those things which be notas though they were!” And, once again, God proves Himself as being absolutely faithful to His Word!


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